Why Comfort and Style Shouldn’t be Mutually Exclusive

Rachel Off Duty: Why Comfort and Style are Not Mutually Exclusive

This post is a collaboration with Aureus. Concept, styling, thoughts, and opinions are all my own. There’s a reason women in stilettos and skin-tight dresses stand out. And, at least in my opinion, it’s not because they look good (although, yes, they might). It’s because, half of the time, you can just tell that they’re […]

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On Growing Older and More Appreciative (Today is 24!)

Rachel Off Duty: Today is 24

My god. How is it earthly possible that today is 24? Is it just me, or does it seem like the older you get, the quicker time slips right through your fingers? I remember when I was a little girl, and days could feel like entire lifetimes, and time was nothing but afternoons spent aimlessly […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Furniture for your Space

Rachel Off Duty: How to Decorate Your Space

Okay. So let’s say you bought a house, or signed a lease for a new apartment. Or maybe you’re just over it with your Craigslist–or college–furniture and are thinking that it’s finally time you sold it all (or burned it) and moved on. I found myself in one of these situations a few months ago. […]

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Try Something New

Rachel Off Duty: Try Something New

Last month, date night was spent eating Ethiopian food and ice cream cookie sandwiches in West LA. It was the boyfriend’s turn to surprise me, and I’ve never had a chance to try Ethiopian food before! I love trying new foods–as long as it doesn’t involve insects, snails, or mushrooms (bleh)–so I was all-in. I […]

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Stillness and Change

Rachel Off Duty: Stillness and Change

I was listening to a podcast on my way to work this morning (Reply All, if you wanted to know), and the storyline focused around this man who–for the sheer enjoyment of it–has spent every Sunday evening for the past 9 years fixing grammatical errors on Wikipedia. A silent internet hero, correcting the world’s sloppy […]

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Why Date Night Matters

Rachel Off Duty: Why Date Night Matters

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to an Argentinian cooking class in Culver City (HipCooks, if you’re in the market for a fun afternoon and a delish meal. Highly recommend!). – – The menu (if you were wondering), was 2 different kinds of empanadas, thick cuts of steak with chimichurri, zucchini ribbons stuffed […]

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Unlikely Pairings

Rachel Off Duty: Unlikely Pairings

There are a lot of paradoxes in LA. People who swear on being vegan and eating kale chips end up being the same people wearing leather and throwing trash on the ground. Girls who show up religiously on their yoga mats are the same girls getting tequila shots on the weekends (guilty). Instagram warriors are […]

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Decorating a Studio Apartment

Rachel Off Duty: Decorating a Studio Apartment

This post is part of a collaboration with Apt2B. All thoughts are my own. A big, huge thank you to Apt2B for helping me make my new apartment look like my Pinterest boards. Recently, I moved into a small-ish studio in west LA. And, to top it all off, I took the plunge and moved […]

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Culottes (Pronounced “cool • oats”)

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes

“cool • oats” There are some things I just refuse to be an early adopter of. Culottes (pronounced cool • oats) are one of them. I don’t have anything against them per se, I just hadn’t yet found a pair that worked for me. If you’re like me, you might feel a sort of wary […]

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Fear of Missing Out

Rachel Off Duty: Fear of Missing Out

We live in a social media-driven, impatient, insatiable age where the hunger to constantly be experiencing and sharing things is as much of a common denominator as it is a burden. Really though, I think that everyone in their 20s right now feels a similar insatiable hunger. A desire–a need–to go out and do everything, be everywhere, […]

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